Artworks > Platform Artists Group Inc. Melbourne VIC

Platform Exhibition, Majorca Space, Melbourne VICTORIA
Funded by Arts Victoria / Australian Council of the Arts Grant

Artist Statement
Awe struck by the enchanting laneways of Melbourne, it’s like being in another world compared to Sydney…getting lost amongst it all, camera in my bag for once, pen and paper out.

Predominantly working with photography, choosing not to document a place with a camera and experiencing it without looking through a lens is quite surreal. Sometimes you just need a break from what you always do, just to see things a little differently.

Shooting photos have always made me feel like I was wearing a mask, or an invisibility cloak. That sense of disconnection, that shield, built confidence. You’re not really there, not really a part of what’s happening…

These drawings are of tourists, trying to capture places under the safety of their masks and cloaks.

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