Artworks > Untitled Residency / Zhujiajiao Shanghai 2021

崖松哭泣 / Surrender
崖松哭泣 / Surrender
Acrylic, Ink, Wax pastels on Canvas
2 x 3 metres

Resisting the urge to control the outcome when working within the genre of Abstract Painting is a balancing act between bravery and trust. Surrendering to the joy of mark making and releasing the need to incorporate recognisable forms has become part of Dani’s current artistic practice. Working with the canvas placed on the ground, ink and acrylic washes can move freely without the force of gravity dictating its every direction. Creating her own homemade paintbrushes from leaves of the plants outside the studio, allowed Dani to make marks on the canvas she would not be able to generate with a brush or a palette knife. She also used other items within this artwork such as household brooms, to move the paint across the canvas; mix colour and create new types of textures.