Artworks > Untitled Residency / Zhujiajiao Shanghai 2021

Lion Dance
Lion Dance
Acrylic and Wax pastels on Canvas
2 x 3 metres

Layers of texture are the foundations create this artwork, built up with the use of a palette knife and then undone by scratching away the surface to reveal hidden layers beneath. Dani’s original intention was to represent a summer storm over the ocean, with a focus on the elements of Wind and Water. However, surrendering to her intuitive guides and letting go of any preconceived ideas, a Lion Dance began to manifest on the canvas.

The movement within the Lion Dance becomes evident in the unresolved areas of the composition and the rise and fall of the costume can be perceived in the heavily textured areas of the painting. Celebrating prosperity, the artwork adopts cultural significance and tradition, offering the audience peace and good fortune.